AT3051 Differential Pressure Transmitter
1.Process Fluid: Liquid, Gas, Vapor
2.Diaphragm material: SUS316L, Hastelloy C
3.Current Output: 4 – 20 mA 2 wires Hart Protocol
4.Power Supply: 24VDC
5.Process connections: 1/4 – 18 NPT or 1/2 – 14 NPT

Brief Introduction

Differential pressure transmitter/pressure transmitter  is a measure of the difference between the two ends of the transmitter ,

output standard signal ( 4 ~ 20mA) differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter with the general difference is that 

there are two pressure ports,  the differential pressure transmitter is generally divided into positive and negative terminal end, 

under normal circumstances, Positive pressure side pressure should be greater than the negative pressure section.


• Process Fluid: Liquid, gas, or steam flow as well as liquid level, density and pressure

• Measuring range: 200Pa-10MPa

• Working Temperature: -25 to +95C

• Current Output: 4 – 20 mA   2 wires   Hart Protocol

• Power Supply: 24VDC

• Ambient Temperature: -25 to +120C

• Process connections: 1/4 – 18 NPT or 1/2 – 14 NPT

• Electrical Connections: 1/2”NPT or M20*1.5

• Enclosure:IP65

• Intrinsically Safe: ia II C T6

• Explosion proof: d II B T5

• Diaphragm material: SUS316L, Hastelloy C

Industry application

• Process control system

• Petroleum industry

• Chemical industry

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