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FY200 Type Wind Differential PressureTransmitter



Product Description


DMT type wind differential pressure transmitter uses the imported differential pressure sensor for sensitive core. Its shell is plastic shell, and its internal part use the specific integrated circuit to transform the sensor voltage signal into a standard current signal. It can be directly connected with the computer interface card, display record instrument or DCS to form a wind differential pressure measurement system. The two pressure interfaces are a hangnail cock structure, which can be connected with inner diameter Ø6 to Ø8 plastic hoses, and then connect to measured pressure. The DMT200 type has he standard current or voltage output for choice. It is easy to install and widely used in many industries, such as boiler air supply, underground ventilation, electricity, coal industry, as well as air conditioning and medical industry.




  •    sensitivity and temperature compensation
  •    strong anti-jamming and long-term stability
  •    diversification shapes and easy to install
  •    warranty period: 12 months


Technical Parameter


  •    power supply: 12VDC to 36VDC (standard 24VDC);
  •   output signal : 4-20mA, two-wire
  •   range: 0 to 200 Pa ... 1000kPa;
  •   compensate temperature: 0 ~ 60 ° C;
  •   medium temperature: -10 to 85 ° C;
  •   environmental temperature: -20 to 70 ° C;
  •   work mode: differential pressure;
  •   accuracy: 0.5;
  •   zero temperature drift: ± 0.03FS / ° C;
  •  sensitivity temperature drift: ± 0.03FS / ° C;
  •  overload pressure: 300% FS.
  •  static pressure: 700kPa


Shape and Installation


        The long hangnail mouth is high pressure side. Please install it in a easy to operate and maintain place. You can fix it in the selected position through the positioning holes.



Electrical Connection


red wire-power supply +green wire-power supply –


Model DMT200

wind differential pressure transmitter

Range: 0-200Pa~1000kPa


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