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  • Name: ML1000 Magnetostrictive Level Meter
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Measurement mechanism

      Magnetostrictive sensor  is designed by which is based on  the magnetostriction machanism, it consists of waveguide wire , waveguide chamber, movable magnets and electro-parts which make application for emitting electric pulse signals and accepting returning signals. When pulse microwave generator in the electronic probe generate electronic pulse which transmit along the waveguide wire in the steel tube, the electronic pulse generate a toroidal field perpendicularing the waveguide wire at the same time which is transmitted along the waveguide wire by the light speed. When pulse toroidal field meets with magneticfloating field ,two magnetic field vectors stacked produces helical field which produce instantaneous torque and form a machnical torque wave on the waveguide wire. The torque wave return to the electronic probe on the light speed which could produce pulse induction. Through measuring out the time difference of generation pulse and the returning torque wave produces the induction pulse, the height of fluid level measured could accurately calculate. At the same time, the temperature sensor replaces in the side bar which could continuously measure out the medium temperature.

Main advantages

Widely used in the inviroment of high temperature and high pressure liquid and corrosiveness liquid.

The longest measurement distance of the detecting rod is 6m. the temperature range: -40-400ºC;

The longest measurement distance of the detecting cable rod is 20m.

Aiming at the corrosiveness liquid applying Telfon,PTFE detecting rod and floater.

Measuring the interface and the liquid level at the same time for the delamination liquid.

High accuracy,±0.5mm or±1mm

High resolution, quick response.

Multiple choices of data output ways;

HART(standard)  4···20mA simulation signal


Foundation fieldbus(FF)

The floater field applies the imported field for longer uses.

Multiple output ways to choose.

With the protection function of reverse polarity.

Anti-lightning, anti-radio frequency interference, easy way to install.

No need to timely calibration and maintenance.

 The product is designed and certificated according to the explosion-proof requirement which applies to the accurately measurement of processing container and storage container.


Installation requirement

Basic requirement

  Before installation, please use the dip stick to examine if the actual height of the oil container is same as the length of the product. It is the measuring blind area under the interface for 50-100mm for the magnetostrictive level gauge, and it has no reading generally. Please check the attached list when opening the carton, and examine if there is transport damage or not.

Installation step:

1. Take off the flange from the testing hole of the oil container.

2.please insert the detector to the installation hole of the flange.

3. Please install the liquid floater, interface floater, and locking to the detector step by step;

4.please insert the detector to the measuring hole.

5.please take up the detector after putting the end of the container, for the distance is 2-10mm from the detector to the container end for protecting the bar to bending.

6. Then tightening the detector locknut and flange.

 Side tube installation:

If the liquid level of the process container wave much largely, or having stirrer there, we suggest to use measuring cylinder installation so that the measuring affect is more stable than top installation.

Top installation:

  Top installation need to be far from the liquid entrance, to avoid the bigger wave when add the material. If the measuring height is above the 6m container or process container, you need to choose soften cable magnetostrictive level gauge. The end of the soften cable need to fix heavy hammer to avoid the big extent sloshing when injecting the liquid.

Electric Connection

Power supply voltage: 9V-32V DC

The signal of power supply and circuit use the same two-core wire. The  specific power supply voltage range is referred by the technology data.

It must to need to add and safety barrier between the power supply and the instrument for the intrinsic type.

  The power supply cable could use popular two-core cable,the outer diameter of the cable is 5...9mm for guaranteeing the seal of the cable entrance. If the electromagnetic interference exists, we suggest to use the shielding cable. Two terminal of the shielding cable should be earthing. The shielding must directly connect inner earthing terminal. The outer terminal of the shell must be earthing. If having the earthing circuit, the shielding terminal of the instrument  must be earthing through a ceramic capacity(such as 1µ F 1500V) to restrain the low-frequency earthing circuit, and the prevent high-frequency interference signal at the same time.

Technology parameter




Measuring range

0.25-20m(be able to choose soften detector)

Liquid level accuracy

0.01%FS or ±1mm


0.005%FS OR 0.015” (to choose the big one)

Working temperature

Standard-40-120℃,high temperature could be 350℃,low temperature could be ℃

Working pressure


Medium density


Explosion-proof standard

Flameproof: EExdIIBT4


Intrinsic safety: EXiaIICT6

Shell protection class


Power supply voltage



Standrad4-20Ma HART Protocol


RS485 communication




Foundation Fieldbus (FF)

Detector material

304S,316L stainless steel


Be able to choose PTFE,hastelloy-276,Telfon or electronic polishing

Process connection

Above DN50

Type selection guide

ML1000--- magnetostrictive level gauge

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