Break the present problems, achieve the better development of instrument industry.

Writer:autoyibiaoSource:autoyibiao Date:2014-8-29
At present, domestic instrument industry is more and more, but the competition is more fierce. Facing this severe form, we must break the current situation and make instrument industry develop well. From the development of science and technology, our country needs to increase technology investment and innovation strength to adapt to the future trend of the high automation and intellectualization. So the automatic control technology, automatic detection technology, safety instrument technology, sensor technology and wireless technology will become the point which the future needs to focus on and break through. By improving technology and product innovation, we should develop from low end to high end field and further contend with foreign enterprises in the market. The innovation and development of science and technology can not leave the professional talents. Instruments professional talent training is very important. At present, some education institutions in our country is not serious about instrument professional curriculum. Also few instrument class professional skills training institutions leads to a terrible shortage of instrument talents. This is also the biggest bottleneck and resistance in the science and technology innovation field in our country. So increasing r&d input in future and training professional talents is a big problem. Expanding the application field and market channels of instrument industry is very important for instrument industry development. Now the instruments has been fully used in traditional industries, especially in metallurgy, coal and other industries and will also expand to new areas of food, drug safety, Internet and emerging industry. These expansion had brought a big chance for instrument industry development.

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