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What are the commonly used flow meter? Auto instrument experts shared with you: electromagnetic flow meter measurement water, vortex flow meter to measure gas, each has its own feature of the flow meter, actually is to be chose according to specific situation. Yantai Auto instrument for flow meter and reliable quality assurance. There are many kinds of flow meter. Flow meter is not used for the environment, but for measuring medium. Flow measurement is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense construction and scientific research of foreign trade and people's life in every field. From oil in the oil industry, mining, transportation, refining smelting sales, processing and trade flow metering throughout the whole process, any link cannot leave the flow metering, otherwise will not be able to maintain the normal production of the oil industry and trade company. In the chemical industry, flow measurement is not accurate cause chemical composition distribution ratio imbalance, there is no guarantee that the product quality, serious production safety accidents will happen. In the electric power industry, for liquid, gas, steam, etc, occupies an important position in the medium flow measurement and adjustment. Flow metering accurate or not is not only to ensure the plant running under the best parameters are of great economic significance, and with the development of large capacity units of high temperature and high pressure, the flow measurement has become an important link to ensure the operation of power plant security. Such as large capacity boiler feed water flow interruption or reduced, is likely to cause serious dry pot or pipe explosion accidents. This requires that the flow measurement device should be not only accurate measurement, and should timely signal reported to the police. In the production of iron and steel industry, steel making process flow measurement of circulating water and oxygen (or air) is one of the important parameters to ensure product quality. In the light industry, food, textile and other industries, also cannot leave the flow measurement. Application more transducer is external clip-on and plug-in. Mono ultrasonic flow meter has simple structure, easy to use, but this kind of flow meter convection distribution changes adaptability is poor, microelectronics technology and the rapid development of computer technology greatly promote upgrading, new type of flow meter have sprung up. Flow meter as far as possible to avoid the ferromagnetic objects and has a strong electromagnetic field devices (such as a big motor, transformer, etc.), so as to avoid the magnetic field of magnetic field effect sensor and traffic signals. Sensor teaspoons of flow signal and field lines between the converter. Damaged parts from lightning fault analysis, however, cause failure induced high voltage and surge current most are introduced from the control room power circuit, the other two ways. Because the electromagnetic flow meter measurement containing suspended solids or dirty body more opportunities than other flow meters, the failure probability of occurrence wall adhesion layer is relatively high. If the adhesive layer conductivity close to liquid conductivity. During commissioning period of common failures usually by installation. The target flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, vortex flow meter and V cone flow meter (orifice meter) by using the theory of electrical work, thereby avoiding the need to replace the mechanical flow meter work moving parts. At the same time, since the diagnosis function were introduced to flow meter, the flow meter is not only a simple measurement tools, more and more, for the purpose of system maintenance, such as: air pipeline detection and inspection. And, after combining the advanced communication technology in electronic flow meter, allowed controllers to remote real-time traffic data and historical data.

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