Auto instrument shared with you: basic knowledge of the sensor

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In this summer, when resisting the heat, we alter the instrument experts to share knowledge, experience, let's learn together Auto experts share sensors small common sense for us. Sensor: the definition of a national standard GB7665-87 under the sensor is defined that provision is measured and converted into usable signal device according to certain rules or device, usually by sensitive components and conversion components\". Sensor is a kind of testing device, can feel the measured information, and can detect feel the information, will change according to certain rule into electrical signal or other required information form output, in order to meet the information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control requirements. It is the first step of automatic detection and automatic control. Static feature of sensor refers to static input signal, the sensor's output and have mutual relations between input. When input and output had nothing to do with the time, so the relationship between them, namely the static characteristic of sensor available does not contain a time variable algebra equation, or by typing the abscissa, the corresponding output as ordinate and draw to describe the characteristic curve. Feature of sensor static characteristics of the main parameters: linearity, sensitivity, resolution and hysteresis, etc. Sensor's dynamic feature, dynamic characteristics, is refers to the sensors in the input changes, the characteristics of its output. In practice, a dynamic characteristic of the sensor into the commonly used it to some standard input signals of response. This is because the sensor response to standard input signal is easily obtained by the experimental methods, and its response to standard input signal and its response to any input signal between certain relations, often know the former can presumption of the latter. The most commonly used standard input signal has two step signal and sine signal, so the sensor's dynamic feature is also often said by step and frequency response. Sensor linearity: under normal circumstances, the actual static characteristic of sensor output curve rather than a straight line. In the practical work, in order to make the instrument instrument meter has a uniform scale readings, commonly used a fitting line represents the actual feature curve, the approximate linearity (nonlinear error) is the approximation degree of a performance index. There are many ways of choosing fitting line. If the zero input and full scale output point of the theory of linear as the fitting line or with curve of each point on the sum of the squares of the deviation for the youngest as theory of linear fitting straight line, the fitting line is called the least squares fitting a straight line. Today, we share these, if you want to know more, please pay attention to us.

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