RF admittance level meter measuring principle

Writer:autoyibiaoSource:autoyibiao Date:2014-9-5
Working principle is based on radio frequency capacitance technology, would impose on the probe, a radio frequency through the analysis of continuous, determined by the impact of the surrounding environment. Because of all materials with dielectric constant, and its conductivity are different in the air, when the probe in contact with the material because of the small offset capacitance reflects the total impedance change. When the dielectric constant is any dielectric material (dielectric constant > 1) replacement, capacitance effect was increased, so as to change the impedance of the applications, this effect is circuit measurement, and again by the amplified signal sensitivity Settings. Do switch or continuous measurement. RF admittance level meter is upgrading of capacitive material level meter, the main improvement is to solve the adhesion material impact on the measurement. For larger container equipment and the top loading cases, requirements for the insertion depth of material level meter in 2 meters above, in this case, convenient to install, use cable more electrode (i.e., wire type). When material come into contact with the cable, cause the change of capacitance, this change is electronic controller to measure and send out alarm signal.

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